Hi I'm unable to send any email with an attachment an error message appears cannot sent message Message rejected due to suspect spam OB703

Hi I’m unable to send any email with an attachment an error message appears cannot sent message "5A24372809DCAB23 Message rejected due to suspect spam OB703

Hi found the problem it was em client advert at the bottom of my signiture
"Sent from eM Client  WWW.emclient.com
removed it and all works well

It appears that your email provider does not like that signature! :slight_smile:

Hi Garry
Not the Signature but the advitising underneath the signature once i remove it all work fine 
only thing is i have to manually remove it each time I reply to an email or create a new one any ideas?

Technically it is a signature. It can be disabled in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures > Attach "Sent from …

This is a know problem with some providers that certain text in an email will cause this false spam report. Two solutions: change the text, or find another provider.

Hi Gary thanks for that

Have a look at a signature its not the actual signature i can sent  an email with my signature not a problem its the eM client advert at the bottom of the signature as i've said if I remove the ad the email is sent with no problems but if i leave the ad attached it won't send

Both are enclosed in the same tag in the html, either alone or in combination:

But as it is causing a problem with your provider, it is good to know that not inserting that text solves the problem. I checked a clean install, and it was not enabled by default, so hopefully others will not experience this. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and error message about suspect spam OB703
I don’t use a signature, and checked Settings to verify that.
Is there some other possible cause?
Any tips gratefully received.

Hello Jordan,

are there any other possible signatures that might be included in your sent mail? Sometimes Antivirus software tries adding their links under the email so just check it. Otherwise I would recommend contacting your server provider for the actual restrictions or the exception.


Thanks Russel,
Can you tell me how I can check for other signatures?
My messages are not getting out, so I don’t know how to see what’s trying to be sent.

Hello Jordan,

I believe that it would be visible in the message draft. If not, you can check the antivirus settings as there is usually an option to attach the “virus check” signature under outgoing emails. Otherwise just contact your mail provider and they should be able to let you know why your emails can’t get through.


My mail/internet provider  (Telstra Australia) are virtually uncontactable, so no help there.
Instead I tried another email program on my computer, and found that it could send emails without problem. Aha - points to an issue with eM Client itself. Happily it’s fixed now.
I intended to reinstall, and found an option to repair eM Client. This was chosen, and all is well.
Many thanks,