Hi, I just updated the client. All my settings and accounts as well as my license disappeared.

Update lead to total reset of accounts and license vanished

do you have a license for 7?

Yes I have

did you run a beta version before the update?  they were using a different folder for all the mails.

Hello Brian,
did you migrate your version 6 database during the version 7 setup? Sounds like you started over with a new database instead.


I was told there was an update. I updated, thats what happened

Hi Olivia,
No, and I wasn’t asked to. I have done updates on the software before without problems.
This time though, everything was reset and I’m now back to having a trial version without my license.
The accounts I have registered again in the client - but the license issue persist

Hi Brian,
if you cannot find your License key, just go to our website to retrieve it.