Hi, I have the following error message The recurrence start date is too early. StartDate is 1/2/0001 12:00:00 AM which can't be less than...

Hi, I’m using eM Client at its latest version on machine running WIN7 will all the latest updates installed. As of the latest eM Client upgrade I have an error that says : The recurrence start date is too early. StartDate is 1/2/0001 12:00:00 AM which can’t be less than 4/2/1601 12:00:00 AM. Is there somebody having the same issue and what would be the solution? It’s not a blocking problem, the client continues working but it’s annoying. Thanks in advance for your advice and thanks to eMClient for the development of this very good product. Best regards, Luc.

Hello Luc,

It is unfortunately a limitation of the Exchange Web Services protocol that when a recurring event is moved in a way that overlaps with another of it’s instances, it creates this error. When the event is deleted, the error stops popping up. As this is the protocol limitation, we unfortunately can’t do anything about it.

With apologies,

Hi Maurice, many thanks for your clear explanation. My last interrogation about this subject is to ask you if there is a way for me to identify the event that gave me this overlap situation to allow me to kill it and to re-recreate it ? Is it a calendar event of a task event? Many thanks again for your assistance and for your very good email client.  Best regards, Luc. P.S. Could you please tell me if there are eventually projects to develop the same kind of client for Android mobile phone? It should be nice !

Same here. I also have this issue, but cannot identify which event causes this, so I keep getting this error

please advise how I can identify which is causing the problem

Avvio del programma molto lento, uso windows 10 - devo effettuare qualche modifica???