Hi guys im having a weird issue with my website email.

Hi guys im having a weird issue with my website email. I just got a new laptop and for some reason whenever i try to login to my web hosted email, via my email client it says server failed.

 I have my old laptop sitting right beside my new one. old and new laptop have the same email program (em client), same credentials, same everything except one is running windows 8 and one is windows 10.

 Can you see any reason why the credentials wouldn’t be working on my new laptop? is it because i still have the old client still running and they are on the same wifi? I have 2 other websites and the emails from them are all working perfectly, its just one that suffering issues. Ive removed, re added, restarted etc 20 times, but every time it just says server failed.

Could be an anti-virus/firewall or VPN issue. Disable those and see if there is any difference.

If it still doesn’t work, find the full error in Menu > Tools > Operations > Log tab. That might give some clue as to what is wrong.

One way to make sure that it is not eM Client, is to backup (Menu > File > Backup) on the working laptop, copy the zip file across and then restore (Menu > File > Restore) on the one that isn’t. That way you can make sure eM Client is exactly the same on both machines as far as settings goes.

yeah i used the import and export feature on EM to move al my settings and accounts accross. But still one is working and one is not? Super weird, i tried making sure EM is allowed through the firewall, and other accounts are working fine

The error log says  MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: No server response within 30 second timeout. —> System.IO.IOException: No server response within 30 second timeout.

But yet the other laptop right beside it has no issue… ive emailed my web hosting to ask them, but i just cant understand it seeing as all settings are identical

Thanks Mate

What kind of license are you using on the new laptop?

If it is the initial 30 day evaluation mode, or you have activated a Pro License it should work.

If you have activated a Free License only two of the email accounts will connect, but I don’t recall ever seeing an error if there are more than two.