Hi Guys,Do you plan to have RTL button in the editor?

on the email editor, there are currently no RTL LTR buttons. For Hebrew I need the RTL button :slight_smile:

see attached image for what I mean.

We are aware of this issue and we will try to implement it in one of the next updates.

not just Hebrews but also Persians and Arabs need RTL as a vital feature for composing messages.

It will be definitely implemented in the upcoming version 6. You can expect it approximately in 2 months.

I just download the BETA 2 ( version 7), and i was hope to find the RTL for Hebrew (Arabic, Persian users too) more easy to use

It’s so sad that EM Client as amazing EMails platform don’t have the possibility to change RTL and TRL and add some RTL language futures 

BUT !, I found the way to write RTL without problem and maybe it’s kind of small bug (FYI)

If you need to write RTL text , do not use the button Right Align , you need to click CTRL+right SHIFT , then you can write HEBREW, ARABIC 

A big like from me !
Was on the way to downgrade back to 6.