Hi everyone..!! All my local folders have disappeared..!! I have searched this forum for an answer..but to no avail.. Please help..!!!!

Hi everyone…!! All my local folders have disappeared…!! Disaster…especially as I did nothing to make this happen…!! Just opened up eMail Client and only my inbox there… I have searched this forum for an answer…like checking local folders is ticked etc etc…but to no avail… Please help…!!!

Assuming you are using version 7 +  and  using gmail

If you are using Gmail   then go to Gmail  with your browser    go to   Settings   Labels
and make sure the local labels have the Imap Checked   for the folders (labels) you want to see
Also not in version 7  one needs to have the    All Mail    label also clicked as show in imap

If another vendor (yahoo etc)  check their settings

TRY, menu > file > import.  I did this when I went from eM Client v6 to the v7 and I was able to bring my local folders over.

This same thing happened to me today too!  I have a whole bunch of subfolders in my Inbox, and this morning when I opened eM Client they were all gone!  What gives?

I use Yahoo but don’t see any settings like this.  Besides, my folders were all there yesterday.  Now suddenly they’re gone.  Thankfully they are still on webmail, but not having the subfolders makes eMClient fairly useless to me.

Paul - hi. I have the same problem. When I go to import em Client v6 it’s asking me to browse to a folder to find the data. But I don’t know where to look? Did you get that… and if so - where did you look? (Using Windows 10 here).
Paul (also :slight_smile: )

Are you all using yahoo by chance??

I am using Yahoo. But the folder are in my Yahoo webmail. They wereade in eM Client though. I made a new test folder today and it disappeared when synched.

I see quite a few Yahoo issues today.  Looks like maybe yahoo changed something and IMAP is not acting properly.  May want to check with them.

I haven’t upgraded either. I believe I’ve always been using V7, because I just started using it in June.