hi every day i hear from nsa prism and co....pgp???

hi every day i hear from nsa prism and co…it would be cool if emclient supports openpgp/gnupgp to encrypt emails very easy…maybe with enigmail plugin??

I am very sorry but we do not plan to support this feature at all.

I can’t say I understand that. Is allowing security principally something you want to avoid?

It seems worth asking if you do anything with the data that flows through the client? Do you scrape email headers or store any information on your servers regarding the client app or the data?

it is impossible for us to do anything with your data as we have no servers for public emails/calendar/etc… everything is going only trough your email service provider servers only.

Anyway what is the point of securing emails with pgp? you have to share your key somehow non encrypted so recipient can read it… basically send it as plain text in another email - so if user is being monitored it is useless anyway.