Hi eM Team, 2nd instance

Hi eM Team, can you please tell me, if and when a 2nd instance (Window)is possible. i need to have more then one Window opened??? Then i could use Pro Versions…

Mario, what are you hoping to achieve with two instances running?

Hi, i simply want to see my Calender the hole time, at the same time as i ́m working with my email…

… on my second or third monitor

Unfortunately you can’t have the application open more than once.

However, the Agenda Sidebar is meant for this purpose. It will give an overview of your calendar no matter which section of eM Client you are in.

You can find out more about the Sidebar in the Help File (F1).

Do you plan this feature in next updates?

I don’t work for eM Client Inc. so have no idea what they have planned. 

If your calendar is online and the Sidebar does not work for you, another option is to open it in another application. 

ok, thanks.  :slight_smile: