hi dpi problem

i have a high dpi display. is there anyway em Client will support high dpi at some point ? running with 150% scale make em Client look broken


you are probably referring to Windows 8 and the style how it works with higher dpi - it uses different method for 125% and 150% which causes some applications look ‘blurry’ when 150% is set. To resolve this, please go to Control panel - Appearance and Personalization - Display. there clik on the ‘Custom sizing options’ label and check ‘Use Windows XP style scaling’ checkbox in the dialog which appers.

no i’m running windows 7 with a retina display, using xp style scaling is not a solution since some other programs don’t like this setting

Could you please make a screenshot and post it here? It would help us a lot.

i finally managed to make a screenshot. actually, currently i run emClient in scaled-mode which looks blurry but works better than the screenshot below.

two problems i see in Hi-DPI mode are:
the button bar at the top got mixed up by hi-dpi
but really anoying is, emails get displayed in random sizes, html mails are really small and pure text mails are pretty big.

since there are more and more hi-dpi displays on the market, this will certainly be an issue for more and more people. same applies to google chrome, but they are working on it right now. same funky scaling problems.

There will be a fix in the next update for the problems you described.

great news

any idea when this will be fixed? just bought 4 licenses while hoping emclient will run fine at some point on my hi-dpi display

Email me directly at wilson@emclient.com - I will send you our internal version containing the fix for this issue.

Any update on this? I am running the latest version 6.0.20617.0 and evaluating the software before purchasing a license for several machines. I have the exact same issues that Chris mentions.

Hi Rich, can you also make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Below are two screenshots. The main issues are as follows:

  1. Small HTML body - text emails seem to work properly. The message shown contains body with text sizes in pixels (px).
  2. Toolbar (New, Reply, Reply All, Forward) is a bit small, probably because the icons are too small to expand the buttons. Text-to-icon ratio is way off.
  3. New Message window has TINY buttons for text formatting, to the point that formatting a message is not practical.

HTML emails that use the deprecated method of setting font size () seem to work OK whereas anything set with pixels is rendered too small. Browsers with high-DPI support typically multiply the dimensions stated in HTML/CSS by the pixel density ratio (for example, x2 for Retina displays). So an element with font size 12px will be in-fact 24 px on Retina displays, appearing to be the equivalent of 12px to the eye.

I’ve even seen emails that have normal and tiny text mixed throughout, and the difference when inspecting the message body is whether that section of text is specified with a font size in pixels (small) or with the font size of 1-7 (normal). Seems that one is converting properly and one is not.

Hi Rich, sorry for my belated reply.
This is unfortunately the current setting, icons unfortunately will remain small since their size is set and they can’t be scaled for larger displays.
Rendering of the email is actually caused by the sender as you’ve mentioned yourself, the pixel size is set, and eM Client does not have the ability to scale it either.

This is actually due to some limitations of the Internet Explorer components that we’re using in eM Client, this should be improved in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully a workaround can be found. It’s a shame because the product is great except for this issue. Looks like IE11 has the proper support but I guess the control you’re using does not. My trial expires today anyway. :slight_smile:

This is what just stopped me from using the program. I have a larger, hi-res display.