Hesitant to Go Fully Licensed

I’m nearing the end of my 30 day trial and up until last week I was feeling confident about making the transition to the fully licensed version. Then I began having the Outlook issue with my hotmail account.
I’ve spent time on the message board here and it seems it’s been resolved for others but, despite being on the newest version available for Windows and no updates being available, I’m still getting repeated errors.
I’ve deleted the hotmail account (repeatedly) and tried reinstalling (repeatedly) as an Outlook Account, Exchange Account, Manually and Automatically to no success. I’ve got a POP account as the primary account and don’t want to lose the emails I’ve saved off the server by completely deleting. Is there any solution to this?

The main page of this forum has a notice about the Outlook/Hotmail issue. There is a link in the posting of a workaround as well as an updated version of eM Client that resolves the issue. I tried the update and I was able to get past the error that people are having.

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