Help with day calendar view

A new potential client is testing out eM Client. They are used to Outlook and how the calendar view shows the time, and it corresponds to the line just above it. On eM Client, it is the other way- the time corresponds to the line just below it. Customer loves eM, hates this layout. I don’t see it as a big deal, but customer is livid. Can this be addressed?

Hello, we have received this complaint from a few other clients, so we will probably change hours design in upcoming version 2.8, so I think I can promise some improvement in this area.

Hey Michal,

Any idea when 2.8 might come out? I am scouring the net as we speak looking for a viable option for my client- they are a tax firm and they are about to get really busy— they say that the demo we showed them will not work.

Any idea if I could change it somehow on my own, and if so, where/how?



It is hoing to be available during January. Exact date is not set yet. I am sorry, you cannot change it anyhow right now.

Now Im in a bit of a rock and a hard place… customer is needing the update sooner than later- they will be starting in with setting tax appointments January 1, and they refuse to use the software with the time displaying the way it is…

I’ve looked into if there are any alternative softwares out there, and eM by far is the best that I’ve found… Can you pressure anyone by any chance to get this resolved?

Please write me to and I will tell you individually what are the options with the issue.

Well I have good news for you. We’ve built a setup with a version that shows time the way you mentioned. You can download it here:…

Please note that we are preparing an affiliate programme for eM Client and Sync2eM service, so if you sell eM Client to some customers you can get money from the deal. If you want more information please contact


Thanks for the post of the new build. I was able to install it for the client, and it was ‘exactly what the doctor ordered’. They are tickled!

Thanks again, very much!