Help please.

Help please. I made a mistake by trying send a message that contains a file 86mb. Of course message cannot be sent. But somehow emClient keeps trying to send it anyway. And it seems like I can’t send any messages now before program is done with that one. And It never will. Is there a way to stop sending that message. Can’t find that option tho. Is there a solution to my problem? Thanks!

It’s stuck in the outbox, and it appears that the only way to show the outbox is by going to Settings>General>Show Smart Folders. 

Hello Joey, as Arlo suggested if the message keeps reoccurring you need to remove the message from your Outbox, or possibly the Trash folder if you’ve already tried to do so. The message can’t be located in any server side folder otherwise the IMAP sync will try to update the message to the server.

To view your Outbox you might need to enable local or smart folder in the general settings. Use Shift+Delete to remove the message without moving to trash.

Hope this helps,