HELP needed please

Just started using eM client for my email. Previously messages were received by BT Yahoo.mail, I opened Windows Live Mail & emails were transferred to that, deleting them from BT Yahoo. Now emails remain on BT Yahoo even when I open them in EM client. EM Client is also transferring mails I’ve opened but not read fully to Junk Mail before I’ve properly read them. I’ve obviously not set up things correctly. I want emails to transfer directly to eM Client from BT Yahoo mail, ignoring Windows Live Mail. I cant delete that as I have some important emails archived which i periodically need to look at. HELP neded please

If your account is setup as IMAP, then all eM Client does is give a synced copy of what is on the server, and deleting it from eM Client deletes it from the server. Or deleting it in another email client using IMAP will also delete it from the server and so it will disappear from eM Client as well.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and see how the account is setup. It should look like this for IMAP:

and this for POP3:

The messages are probably being moved to Junk by your server. To check if it is eM Client, go to Menu > Tools > Rules and uncheck the Spam filter Rule. If a Blacklist Rule exists, uncheck that as well. Then there is no way the application can move messages to Junk.

Thanks for trying to help, Gary. Unfortunately I’m still ‘lost’. The accounts General looks as you described but I can’t find ‘POP3’. I have unchecked the spam filter rule as you suggested. Presumably I’ve set the account up as IMAP so I’m only getting a synced copy, which isn’t what I want. How do I check & amend this? Philip

It will either be IMAP or POP3. 

How is the account setup in WLM? is it IMAP or POP3?

Hi Gary,

POP3 is the set up in WLM. At the moment , as you said,  eMClient is just showing a copy of  of BT  mail, but without pop ups & adverts. If I open WLM that pulls across items in the BT Inbox to WLM, those emails then move in BT mail to Trash. I’ve just opened WLM & there is now nothing in the inbox of eMClient or BT Yahoo Mail. Everything is in Trash in eMC & BT Yahoo mail. All items are now in WLM. I hope that explains fully what is happening. I cannot delete WLM as there are important emails I’ve saved in History, but I’d like it to do nothing at all now. I just want eMC to pull across emails from BT mail, & the items move to Trash in BT mail, but remain in my inbox in Emc until i manually delete them. AS I’m sure you are aware my IT knowledge is very limited, & it’ll be great if you can tell me exactly what I need to do to sort this out. Many thanks, kind regards, Philip

Depending on the POP3 configuration, messages may be left on the server, or deleted after some time.

If you are using more than one email client, or more than one computer, you should be using IMAP on all. That way they will all share a synced copy of what is on the server. Otherwise one client will receive and delete the messages from the server before the others get them. You can use POP3 on multiple machines if you choose not to delete the messages after download, but other things like the Sent folder and message read counts will not be synced.