Help! My emails are all gone!

My email messages are suddenly gone from both my inbox and all folders. New emails since this first happened show up fine in my inbox. And my trash folder still has emails in it. I read through some other posts with similar problems but haven’t had any luck fixing it. The program was “not responding” a couple of times this morning and then suddenly while sending an email all my emails were then gone. any suggestions?

That is strange. Did you have an IMAP or POP Account email setup ? Also can you still login to Webmail via a browser and see your emails ?

Do you have Automatic Archiving enabled?

I have IMAP account set up. my webmail is gmail. I can see my emails if I login to gmail online directly. I checked my IMAP set up and it matches what gmail instructs. 

nope, I don’t have automatic archiving set up. 

after reading some other posts of people with similar problems, I think my problem has to do with where the EM client  database is being saved on my computer. Someone recommended to another post to copy and re-save the database, but I haven’t been able to figure out where to find it and how to copy and re-save it. 

I think that as you can see all your emails in webmail, remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

hmm, that’s probably a good idea, sounds a little scary! but maybe I’ll try that. thanks!

If you can see your emails in webmail, there is no risk.

Yes agree with Gary to remove you gmail account in EMClient and create new and should be fine. Sounds like some sort of corrupted account in EMClient.