Help! Just "lost" whole bunch of emails

I selected all emails in an EMC folder and tagged them with the tag for that folder. Then they all disappeared. I can’t find them in my online Gmail account or my Outlook. I don’t think they are actually lost. I think they are still in All Mail. How do I get them back?

As it’s a Gmail account, in eM Client click on the “All Mail” folder “under your account” and you will find them, as All Mail shows all your email.

You might need to scroll down All Mail till you find them depending on what date they were received. If you cannot find them by date, search by subject or name in the body of the email.

Lastly when you do find them and open them, “at the top right of the email” it will show you what Gmail folder / label they are in. You can then change or add the correct tag.

Thanks. Gmail had some sort of restore capability which I tried but didn’t hink worked. But now emails from 2013 to present are filling up my inbox and All Mail. I think eventually I will retreive about 50,000 emails. It’s taking some time but it’s too late to work any more on it tonight. Will try to get back to it tomorrow.

To bring you up-to-date: I ended up with about 75,000 emails in All Mail. I don’t think I have lost very many if any. But every folder I have seems to have more emails in it. I have been thinking about what to do and I think the approach should be to sort all emails in All Mail by sender in EMC, then review all and delete, or file in the folder I have for that sender. I can also archive many. At that point I can move Imprtant mail to my Keep folder. I think I can also delete most Social, Updates, and Promotions, messages, and move the remainder elsewhere. Do you see anything wrong with this plan? Can you think of a better way to do this? It’s a big job!