Help! Calendar Reminders Not Working (*Windows 10 v18204)

Strange issue. If I go to Settings/Calendar/General/Defaults/Default Reminder and change it (to any time, tried an hour). When I exit the program and start it again the reminder defaults back to ‘No Reminder’. 

I have checked the Security settings within Windows 10, changed to Admin, but whatever I do I cannot get any reminders. Received email notification is working.

Can anyone help with this issue?

After setting the default reminder, when you create a new event, it should pickup that setting. If you go back into the settings it does not display the current setting, unfortunately.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Calendar > General > Defaults > Default Reminder and set the value you want. Now create a new event and see what the reminder is set to. Restart eM Client and create a new event and see what the reminder is set to.

One thing that can override that setting, is if you have set a default reminder per calendar. To check that right-click on the specific calendar and choose Properties > Default reminder.

Thanks…Gary. The right clicking on the Calendar did it. I imported all events from Outlook 365, which I have now deleted one by one and replaced each item! (as the reminders were not working)…now all working.