Hello! My mails got stuck in Outgoings and they are not sent yet. (24 hours)

There are about 70 mails, in addition.


What are your SMPT server- and security- settings?
Who is your email provider?


PS- I won’t be available for the next 10 hrs…

in my case helped:

  • delete account (hopefully you have the data of the settings :slight_smile:
  • Rebuild account

What happened to all the unsent mails?
Kind of drastic measure, don’t you think?
Reminds me of reformat drive when there is a little trouble with the OS.

Does checking the settings and requirements first not make more sense?

Thanks guys, it was solved, my IP was just blocked by microsoft )

Thanks  for the feedback.
Glad saner heads prevailed. No sense rushing into things like deleting accounts etc…
I  suspected possible increased security on the mailprovider’s server like 2FA or App password etc… or just a change in server settings in eM Client…

and you got is unblocked?
Was it an error like “MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Couldn’t get server version.”?