Hello, I am trying to move my business domain GMAIL into EM Client and it will NOT work, no matter what I do.....

Will an engineer/expert please email me asap, I have quite a lengthy explanation - problems…

does the autodiscover for the server settings not work?
Can you please describe what the problem is?

  1. THe autodiscover does not work. I cannot manually put in the settings because your system will not allow me to.

  2. The MSI file that downloads appears to be corrupt and no matter how many fresh downloads that I do, your MSI file will not install.

  3. As an temporary alternative, do you have a web browser interface or do you HAVE to install the physical software from a file?

The name of the downloaded set up file is “SETUP.MSI”. Then when you click to run or install it, the error message that I get is specifically “Cannot open this file”.