Hello. How to transfer all settings (e-mail, contacts) on another computer. translated by Google

Hi Denis, I’m not completely sure whether you want to migrate from another application or if you want to transfer your data between to eM Client instances.

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I want to transfer my data between to eM Client instances

In that case, create a complete backup using the backup feature. Go to File > Backup, a backup will be created transfer this file to your other computer and use the Restore feature in File > Restore.
This should transfer your whole database, allowing you to start using your second computer just as you were used to.

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Go to File > Backup
how to find the file on my computer

The Backup file is saved on a location specified in your settings under Tools > Settings > General > Backup.
Also if you hit “Restore” on your second computer this location will be automatically used for locating the Backup, so you should insert the Backup file into the setup folder.

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No problem, if you come across any other questions or issues, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.