Hello, How do I set settings to prevent downloading emails deleted on my server before they migrate to eM client account?

prevent downloading emails deleted on  server

If you are using IMAP or Exchange, these protocols will sync the message store on the server to the local machine.  Therefore, when you delete a message from the server, it will be removed from the local machine as well.

If you are using POP3, all messages coming into the server inbox will be downloaded to the client if they exist when the client polls the server.  Therefore you can do one of the following:

1.  Make sure the client is NOT open when you check mail on the server.  You can then delete or move the messages and they will not be downloaded to the client when it is launched and polls the server.

2.  In eM Client, go to menu/tools/settings/general and in the general section un-check “Synchronize items at startup” and "Synchronize items every XX minutes.  This will force you to click on “Refresh” to download messages.  perform a refresh after the messages have been deleted from the server.

Jay, Thanks for your reply, but after un-checking “Synchronize items at startup” and “Synchronize items every XX minutes,” in settings, I sent a test message from server (web mail account), I then deleted it from server inbox, refreshed and closed server. After opening eM, the deleted test email still appeared in eM Trash. I wish to not have deleted messages in server appear in eM Client at all. 
Am I missing something here? Thank you.

These settings to sync at startup and every so many minutes do not apply to IMAP accounts. They are for POP3, calendars and contacts only. Maybe that should be made clear in the settings.

So with IMAP, which you are using, the deleted folder on the server is also synced with eM Client. Some providers allow you to specify which folders are synced with the client. You will find those settings, if available, in the web interface for your provider.

If that is not available, then you will need to empty the deleted folder while still in the web interface. Then when opening eM Client, the folder will be empty.