Hello - How can I access my existing EM free account please?

Hello - I cleared my browser cache and when I opened em client I had lost all my emails and folders. I tried several things but couldn’t recover them, so I came out and uninstalled EM and then reinstalled but it would only want me to open a new account. Which I do not want or need. So am perplexed as to how can I access my existing EM free account. It may be a silly question but I really cannot see where I am going wrong so apologies, but any help would be much appreciated please.

Hi, Clearing your browsers cache would not normally have anything to do with Em Client’s database.

When you first opened Em Client after clearing your browsers cache, did Em Client say anything about eg: “Repairing the database as found an error on shutdown etc” ?, or did it just open up with a blank new account ?

Also when you uninstalled Em Client, did you get asked part way on the uninstall eg: “Do you want to keep your database” ? 

If it just opened up with a blank new account and never asked you to keep your old database when you uninstalled Em Client, then your computer might possible just be eg: logged in under the wrong user profile which would explain a blank email account setup as there is no existing database.

Have you also tried to restore your mail database in Em Client via the Menu / File / Restore ? If you are definitely logged in under the right user profile and have done an Em Client backup before, then the restore menu will normally restore your exiting database & you are then good to go.

EM Client backup folder location is shown in :- Menu >Tools > Settings >General tab > Backup . If using Win10 is eg: C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\eM Client , and you can change the backup location.

If you have no backup and are logged in under the right user profile, then you might have to re-add the account. If its an eg: IMAP / EXCHANGE account all your email & folders will normally come back automatically. If its a POP local account, then you would definitely need an Em Client backup to restore or and Em Client “mail_data.dat” database file to restore manually.

If using Windows the mail database is normally located in eg: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client . Ps Need hidden folders on to view the database.

Hi …Thank you

It just opened blank. On reflection I should have tried to restore but I didn’t think to in all honesty.  I can’t recall exactly what I did but I think I uninstalled it and re downloaded it, but when downloaded it opened up with New Account. 

I couldn’t see anywhere how to access my existing account, there was no option to login etc. I wasn’t asked if I wanted to keep my existing database. I want to do a restore but I cannot see how get past the new account stage.

Hi, When the new email account appears in EMClient, there should be a eg: “Cancel” button option at the bottom, or an X at the top to exit out of the account setup. 

You should then just end up with a blank email client where you can then try restoring from the menu, or failing that then search your computer for the EMClient mail_data.dat file & other related files to manually restore your mailbox folders, or re-setup your email account from scratch as a last resort.

Thank you - I see from the download page I am using to download it is for a new account… https://www.emclient.com/download 

Is there another download page for existing customers as I have no other option on that one to set up a new account.

The download is for new or existing customers. As you are an existing customer, then you just put in your existing license activation key after download / install of the setup.

if you manage to restore it successfully automatically or manually, your license though will normally come back automatically & be ready to go.

Ps If you forgot your license key or cannot find it, you can get it re-emailed to you via https://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key

I Have restored it but has opened up as a new account with a new licence to activate or use as a demo for 30 days… I have not activated it. 

Is there a way under Menu to revert it back to my account?  As if I click on Menu >Tools > Accounts it only has the option to set up a new account.

When you say “You have restored it” , did you restore your backup via Menu / File / Restore and all your prev mail and folders appear ? Or is there now mail at all.

Normally when you restore & Emclient backup the account is restored as well as the prev mail & folders.

No I have just restored/downloaded em client to my pc.

I am trying to restore from the file menu but cannot find where to restore from.

Emclient backup files for eg: Windows 10 look like the following example :- backup_202002281053.zip .

My backup location is as above prev message (which I think is the default backup location) in Win 10 eg:- C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\eM Client . If your backup files are not in this location & you have Windows 10, then open File Explorer and search your hard-disk C drive for backup_*.zip which should search your entire hard-disk for the backup files where you can then restore from the folder it finds.

However if you cannot. find any of these similar backup files then you might not have done any backups. Also if you have Emclient for Mac OS/X your backup files could be a different name & file extention.

An EMClient example backup_202002281053.zip file that you can restore in Win 10 (when opened to view) will look like the following example :-