HEIC format. problem

When I attach or insert pictures to send to someone, why are they changing from .jpg, .gif, ,png etc to .heic?? They reply saying they can’t view them so then what? Is there a way to keep them in the original format?

Thanks for any help

I’ve never seen that happen with any version of eM Client.
What version are you running, and do you have Windows or Mac.

My Windows is Version 21H1. (OS build 19043.1151)
My eM is Version 9.0.1708 (2cf4a5).

I am seeing that some pics in the gallery on my Galaxy A52 are being saved with that extension and some aren’t so I guess the mistake is mine. Any clues?

Yes, that is a format used for creating an image or sequence of images from the device camera.

The builtin Windows Photos should have an addon to display these types of images though.

Hi Gary

.Saving them in that format is turned off in my camera settings so not sure what would have caused it to just randomly save a couple of pics with that format. I will keep an eye on it when saving future pics.

Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.