hebrew view

Until some hours ago I could see tha sender name, subject, calendar event, contact name, in Hebrew letters, display from right to left. Suddenly it displayed in Hebrew letters, left to right! A calender’s event is worse - it has no Hebrew letters but small squares instead. On the Chrome browser it is all OK.   

Hello Eli, not quite sure what you’re referring to, what do you mean in Chrome, eM Client currently does not support Hebrew localisation nor left to right text as far as I’m aware. Can you make a screenshot of the issue?


I meant that at Chrome tab, open with my G mail  (not with eM Client), every thing appears as it should with the Hebrew title of the mail, sender name(when his name is in Hebrew), etc. 
Other issue: At the Setting-Language I had: Hebrew, and when the problem started, I changed it to English (just for test) and now the option Hebrew dose not exist and I don’t know how I had it in the first place. But, again - the problem started when the Language was set to Hebrew…

Attached a screenshot showing the problem. As you can see in the highlighted red box, the letters in hebrew in the “From” field and the “Subject” field are from right to left instead of left to right.
The contents of the mail itself is ok.
It used to be in the right direction in the past, this problem started to occur only yesterday without apparent reason.

I reboot my computer, as I did several times in the last 2 days, and suddenly the Hebrew is OK…
I don’t understand it but I hope it will stay that way!