Headers too high - spoiling message readability

Having increased the size of “text, apps, and other items” in Windows 10 message headers in eM Client 7 extend so much in height that very limited screen space is left underneath for the actual content of the message. Please enable message header collapse and/or (as an option) the message header to scroll vertically with the message body to solve this problem.

Hello Henrik,
what percentage is your display of text etc. set to?
Could you please share a screenshot of your eM Client so we can see how much space the headers are actually taking? (feel free to edit out your adresses or any personal data)


Hi Henrik,

How about double-Clicking the Message to get it displayed in a new Window?

Of course, a collapsible Header-Area is a nice idea, but until this feature is available
it might me helpful to read messages in Windows instead of reading them in the preview area.


Hello Fritz,
I am already in a separate window. In the preview panel (when at the bottom) only the header is visible with no way to scroll down to the message content.

Hello Olivia,
As I have a high resolution screen I have set the percentage in Windows 10 to 175% to obtain a decent level of reading comfort in certain applications. Lowering the percentage is not an option.
I am sending you 4 screenshots from eM Client 7 in Windows 10 by e-mail to [email protected] as these contain personal data.

Hello Henrik,
I received the screenshots and unfortunately this is a designed behaviour with the HD display settings and can be solved by a better setting for your desktop size.
I can add this to feature requests so our developers can consider editing the header behaviour.


9 months later this problem is still unsolved in new eM Client 7.1. It cannot “be solved by a better setting for your desktop size” as this will reduce font size all over. In Windows 10 it is up to each application to adjust itself correctly to the current screen settings - headers in eM Client do not (everything else looks fine). An option to reduce font size in headers, to collapse headers and to scroll the header vertically together with the message body could help solve the problem.

the headers take too much space

“I think it’s safe to say that the developers don’t give a crap.”

  • 6 years later clearly so it is!

3/10/2019 Just using eM Client for the first time due to new computer setup and cannot get rid of the redundant message header in the message pane. The same information is in the inbox message list. The message header takes up way too much space on a 14 inch laptop display to present redundant information. Whomever is in charge please review the requirements for this header information from a small laptop or tablet point -of-view and not a desktop size display point-of-view. The original suggestion from Henrik for making the Header optional seems reasonable in this age of smaller devices and would make eM Client much more attractive to smaller device users.

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There is STILL no way to collapse these big headers? I’m new to eMClient and love so much about it, but they waste SO much space. It is a serious issue to many of us.

Please, are you working on this? Will you ever give us the option to collapse?
I’ve never had headers in other programs and dont’ need a header at all.