Headers arrive OK - not displaying message body

I just installed eM. Seemed to set up ok. Messages are sending and receiving, I just can’t see any message body. The header is there. The attachments are there. But in the body section, all I’m seeing is a series of 5 dots scrolling across the top of the message box.

What version of eM Client are you using? What mail service do you have?

Same problem here. em Client 5.0.18025.0 on a fresh installed Win XP SP3.Using IMAP.


This may be caused by slow internet connection, anyway please try this go to Tools - Accounts - your account - IMAP Tab and mark off “Download messages for offline use”. After this try to synchronize and send me information here.


Did you solve this problem, I wonder? Similar 5 dots crossing top of message area appear in mails from a business which attaches a separate signature file. But the message itself does appear. My rural broadband is slow. Sometimes I find these particular mails change from black sans serif typeface to my standard blue Roman after literally minutes. Also, these e-mails don’t register as ‘read’ and remain bold when I shift to other folders. I tried opening the signature attachment separately - sometimes that seemed to work - but it may have been a question of time passing rather than my process. I’ll see if new (end Dec 2013) version still has problem in New Year. Sender of those mails hadn’t heard of problem from other people - but I haven’t been investigating hard - just deleting more mails so I don’t have “unread” registered. Screenshot of dots crossing message area caught below. Note the unnamed small signature file attachment and 2nd normal file.

Hi, do you still have this issue? 3 dots means that it is synchronizing with server, that could mean slow connection.


Hi Jan. Those FIVE dots: that particular business only started mailing me again after Xmas/New Year break yesterday - so not many samples to go by. They were OK. I’ll wait/ask for a few sample mails over next couple of weeks and post results here - thank you… A SLOW CONNECTION is highly likely, as you say. Rural area, old copper wires - but serves the purpose like editing Google Drive online and international/live digital art discussion between UK & USA. Thanks again for now.

so try this go to Tools - Accounts - your account - IMAP Tab and mark off “Download messages for offline use”. After this try to synchronize and send me information here.

Thanks again. I just have POP not IMAP with my eM Client (as I see it) on a home-based PC, receiving the messages from a publisher. No overwhelming probs at present as in any case they are switching to sharing on Google Drive to provide me with me files to edit. Please do consider case closed unless I find I can later be helpful to you or I get new frustrations! - Cheers, Tony. (Copy editor/writer)

ok, I will mark it as “no problem”, but can I ask do you know if your publisher is using Mac mail?


Hi - by chance I just got that annoying prob again with ONLY the publisher’s e-mails today (we go to press end of this week). I’ll ask. A full minute to synchronise - I guess the term - where they have a ‘signature’ file. Including the alerts to shared files on G Drive. Will hope to come back on you query. Tony

thank you for looking deeper into this. If your publisher has not responded yet can you at least tell me his @domain? I think he will use Mac mail as it causes this issue but I might be able to find different core of this issue.


I’m in constant contact - he’s not replied on this…but he’s extremely busy this week with major deadline… domain is @seager.aero - I have mail properties/details if reqd.

you can forward me (to [email protected]) all information you have, it will cause no harm in worst case, but I think that it will be cause d by issue I have explained post before.