Having trouble with SMTP settings on iCloud Account

Trying to set up eM Client with iCloud account. IMAP (incoming mails) work fine, but outgoing mail (SMTP) stay in the Outbox with a server communication error. I have tried several different choices in the User box within the credentials but to no avail.

Apple ID: user@outlook.com
Base iCloud Account: user1@me.com
Alias used for email: user2@icloud.com

I have used variations of all these in the user name credentials without success. I’ve even left them blank and also tried Use identity credentials. No help.  Appreciate any advice.

Hi Mark, if you go to icloud.com, can you login with your Apple ID?
For setting up the account you just have to use either the @icloud.com or @me.com address not your actual Apple ID email.
When it’s setup your aliases should be added automatically.

If you were using the @outlook.com address eM Client can’t determine that you’re trying to setup an iCloud account.

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So I have the same problem, but I used in in setup …@icloud.com And eM Client don’t send the messages. In account settings, I clicked “Diagnostic” tab and then clicked “Diagnose”. I saw status : IMAP ok. SMTP fault , I clicked try to repair. After a few seconds " Server not responding".

Are you using any security software on your computer, that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to the server? Can you please make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing or copy the content of the “Log” to from Operations when it occurs?

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