Having trouble viewing Inbox, Sent, Trash etc. all in one folder

I just started using Em Client. I have a main folder named my email address with the Inbox under it. At the bottom of that main folder appears “More” in light blue. When I expand that, a sub folder named “Gmail” appears under it with Sent, Trash, Drafts, and Junk E-mail folders. I can’t figure out how to merge those folders together under the main smart folder. For example I’ve tried to move the Sent folder to the main folder above it and get a box that says “Cannot move special folder.” How do I get all my special folders under one main smart folder?

You can not change the smart folders. The smart folders are already automatically showing an overview of all your e-mail accounts in 1 merged view.

You can move folders below the ‘Local Folders’ if you want.

Hi, you can create search folder and set it to Folder: “all folders”