Having trouble sending emails from my business email imap account

I have 2 email accounts on eM client. One is gmail and the other is from my business website. I can receive emails from both without any issues and I can send from my gmail with a quickness, but the other account will not send or takes forever. I usually have to close out of the email and then re-open and hit send emails repeatedly before it sends. Frustrating - it use to work great. Please help 

Hi, what version of eM client are you using? What mail service are you having issues with? Can you make a screenshot of your SMTP settings from Tools > Accounts > Your account > SMTP tab?

Also note that for using eM Client for commercial use, you have to purchase a pro license, free license is for home/personal use only…

Thank you for understanding,


  • My version: 6.0.20154.0 - should be the latest version I always keep it up to date
  • See attached screen shots
  • With  eM client I can have 2 email accounts and I have never had an issue up until recently and it is only “sending” that has the issue. I don’t think it is necessary to purchase commercial license.  I get maybe 20 emails a day through that account.
  • The service I am having an issue with is business email address 
  • godaddy account email 

Hi, I don’t see any screenshots attached to your message, please make sure you’ve attached them.

Also, the license is not limited by number of messages you receive but the fact you’re using the free license for commercial/business use, free license is for home/personal use only. If you want to keep using eM client you’ll unfortunately have to purchase a license.

Thank you for understanding,

I will delete both emails accounts from eM client and go back to thunderbird