Having problems setting up rules

I am having trouble setting up the rules for my e-mails.  When mail is sent/received, and with I use Apply Rules, nothing is happening. 

For most of my mail, I need everything from and to particular domain to go to a specific local folder.  Even when I specify a particular e-mail address I’m not getting the result I expect.

In Eudora I had extensive filtering (I get lots of media releases among other things).  After the mail had been processed (in and out), there was a filter report that I could go through.  It made things easy because I could prioritise the order in which I read the e-mails.

What do I need to do if I move my e-mail accounts to em Client so that I can get my mail pre-sorted?

Hello Ali,
that sounds strange, could you perhaps screenshot or copy the setup of the rule that isn’t working? (open it in Tools>Rules and click to Modify your rule).
We do not have a filter report, but once the email is received/sent all the active rules should apply, unless they have been processed by a different client/device first. But then you can just right-click your Inbox and Apply all the rules manually at once.


Problem with emClient is that if you want your e-mails to be moved, no matter if you send or receive them, you have to set up two (maybe identical) rules.

I’ve requested an enhancement already to get a new option, “send and receive”, however this was not implemented so far. Guess it would be a rather simple enhancement but…that’s a different sroty you know.

Anyway, did you by any chance, set up your rules to run with a specific account only? My assumption is that one of the options causes this issue and, as Olivia already told you, please post some screenshots of the rule definition using the camera button at the bottom while composing your answer here.


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