Having problems converting from Outlook then staying up to date with Gmail and iCloud

I was previously using Outlook 2007 with Gmail and iCloud to sync email, calendar and contacts to my laptop (and iPhone). 

After many years this set up has suddenly become incompatible, stuck in an error loop with Outlook and Gmail (error 78754). I can’t waste any more time on that so have installed eM Client. 

However, I am struggling to set the right starting point. When i enter my gmail email address eM imports over 12,000 old emails from gmail acccount and seems to make a new contact for every email recipient/sender in that list. Also eM is not picking up calendar entries at all (previously done in Outlook via iCloud)… 
Obviously my Outlook account is “clean” with only the email and contacts that i want to keep. 

When deleting the gmail account from eM and reinstating, it finds the old settings and re-imports all the data. 

I’m not sure how to get the right starting point. My current position has thousands of email and contacts i dont want, and no calendar entries.

Can i import my pst file to get the base data, then sync into gmail and iCloud for the current? 
How do i get iCloud to sync my calendar? The explanation in eM website makes it sound seemless but my eM is not picking any calendar entries up at all.
My calendar only really exsists in iCloud now (a foible of how Outlook and iCloud work together). 

HI Mick.

eM Client will sync what is on the server, so if you have 12,000 messages on the server, you will have 12,000 messages in eM Client. Unfortunately there is no way to sync only more recent messages with GMail. It is all or nothing. When uninstalling eM Client, then reinstalling, the previous database will still be there and so will the data. Even when deleting the email account from eM Client, then adding it again, the application will again resync whatever is on the server.

I don’t personally use GMail, but I understand that the recipient history on the server is presented as contacts in eM Client. I guess if you clear the recipient history through the web interface before you add the account to eM Client, you will not see those contacts. Maybe a GMail user can comment about how to prevent that.

Yes, you can import your pst file, but eM Client will again sync with the server once the account is setup. To try that go to Menu > File > Import > MS Outlook. You can import the whole profile or just selected items.

To add just an iCloud calendar, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then select Calendar > iCloud.

Thanks for the detailed reply. 

I had some success trying different options for a couple of hours last night. Actually tried quite a few combinations of accounts so not exactly sure which one i ended up with!

I have two accounts now.

  1. I believe I imported from outlook pst for mail, this seems to do inbox and sent items quite well. 
  2. Then added a separate account for iCloud calendar (also does contacts). 

This set up is working well. I have drastically cut down on the excess: the mail is much less and the contacts are mine, not fabricated from my mail boxes.
Most importantly my mail and calendar are syncing both directions between iPhone and laptop. 

Initially the iCloud was not working as i had not realised Apple creates 2 step passwords needed for the iCloud sync. 
Possibly i previously imported back up folders or some other historical area which is why i had so many emails. 

So i think i am there! 

I noticed the iCloud account could sync with sent items but gave an error when trying the same with inbox. 
So i have turned off both inbox and sent items on the iCloud account, relying on the mail account. 

Thanks again

Thanks for the feedback Mick. I don’t have any experience with iCloud so can’t comment on that, but otherwise glad something is working for you. :slight_smile: