Having issues with rules.

Using the 5 rc2 I thought I would try this just to make sure it was not some oversite and or maybe fixed in 5.

With the rules I’m having an issue were:

  1. When I apply all rules to a folder it even uses the rules that have been disabled.
  2. When applying all rules to a folder it will also apply rules for sent as well as receive. This is an issue for as I now have a few thousand duplicates of emails since I had rules set up for when I send an email to make a copy in the folder for the person I was sending to. Run the rules a few times trying to fix other things and I now have maybe 6000 emails in a single folder instead of 2000. if you have a rule like this set up for a few email addresses you can get thousands of emails really quick. In my case I have about 5 or 6 of them with a few thousand emails each.
  3. No easy way to find the duplicates and clean them up.
  4. right after importing settings for thunderbird the rules were imported correctly which helped cause the issues I’m having now. I more or less had to delete all the rules and start over and during trying to get it correct is when I found out the issues above.
  5. In thunder bird I can have multiple or conditions. In this way I can have multiple conditions that all goto the same folder. Em Client does not do this so I have to set up multiple filters to do the same thing. The only issue is that when a filter matches it does not stop but instead continues to run through all the rest of the filters also helping to create a mess since thunderbird will stop when a filter matches. (I can get around this somewhat by changing the order so the filters in thunderbird that used to be at the bottom of my list since I only want them to match if nothing else matches I can now put at the top of the list and if none of the other filters match it will fall back to the one at the top.

Now for the parts I like. I don’t know were to start. Other than the filter/rules issues this app is probably the best email app I’ve used on a windows based system. And even at that it has some features I have never seen any place else not even in kmail. I misses a few features also but nothing major. I’ve paid for the bat, have used multiple email clients under windows and quite a few under windows. I have to use outlook at work and this has replaced outlook for me.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thanks you!!!

Oh and the contact details is invaluable. I love it.

Brook Humphrey

sorry number 4 the thunderbird rules were imported incorrectly.

thank you for reporting the problem. I will test it and hopefully it will be fixed in one of the next updates.

thank you looking forward to it

  1. We will add one option to the Apply rule dialogue. It will be “Apply selected”.
  2. When you apply a rule manually - it does not matter if it was for sent or received emails because this condition is not taken in account.
    3), 5) We are working on that.

did any of these make it into the build’s currently some of these features do not seem to be implimented.



what features exactly do you have on mind?

  1. Implemented
  2. my colleague described that above
  3. this will be in 6th version
  4. you can set multiple conditions, for example email from “some” person, with text in body.
    Then conditions works as “AND” so all must be met or rule will not be applied.