Having issues syncing with yahoo mail

When I first setup my yahoo account, the em client and yahoo seemed to do an auto-setup - I didn’t have to enter pop server names or anything like that.  When I delete a email from my local em client, that email stays on the server.  I would like to set it up so that I don’t have to delete email in two different places :) Even better, it would be nice to set it up so that, when I check my email, it downloads from the server to my local machine and removes it from the server then.

POP3 does not sync with the server, so deleting messages in eM Client will not change what is on the server. You can, however, specify that when the messages are downloaded, they are removed from the server. You will find this option in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then in the POP3 tab for your account.

There isn’t a POP3 tab available under accounts.  I have General, IMAP, SMTP, CardDAV, CalDav, and Diagnostics.  None of these have an option to remove messages when downloaded.

So then you are using IMAP, not POP3. Think of IMAP as the same as webmail. All eM Client does is give you an image of what is on the server, the same as when you access your Yahoo! account using your web browser. The messages are stored on the server not in eM Client, so if you delete a message in eM Client, it will be deleted from the server.

That means it is not possible to download and keep a message in eM Client, but remove it from the server. To do that you need to be using POP3.

OK.  So then will I have to remove this account and manually setup a new account using pop3 - instead of letting emClient and Yahoo do the setup for me?

Yes. eM Client will use IMAP by default, so if you want to setup Yahoo! with POP3, you will have to do it manually.

Setup the account as POP3, then move the existing messages from the IMAP folders (Sent, any sub folders of Inbox) to your POP3 folders before removing the IMAP account from eM Client.

So… how to you setup a POP3 account manually?  When I go to Tools | Accounts and choose the ‘+’ button to add an account, the only option available is automatic account setup.