Have not received purchased Licenses

I purchased several licenses for EM client in November 2018, invoice Status says paid, but I have yet to receive my
Licenses. Please advise. Thank you

P.S. I have tried contacting suppor, sales. and the recoverly link only showed my initial purchase from 2014 that have already been used.

Yes, this has gone on far too long.
Any reason why you waited for possibly more than 3 months?

Contact Sales again and provide copies of the transactions - preferably in PDF format
  from your payment provider ,be it PayPal or creditcard or whomever.

You should have a reply in a couple of days.

Copied link :
" if you need help with your PRO licence, please contact us directly at support@emclient.com or markosky@emclient.com.

or sales@emclient.com

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I thought the payment may have been delayed do to it being an international purchase. I have contacted sales 4 times in the last 3 days, have yet to receive a reply, or any sort of confirmation

Hello Crisan,

Please send me an email directly to markosky@emclient.com and we will solve it. The international payments may have delays but by now, you should already have your licence.