Have just installed EM Client (16/3) and when I selected 'From' in lieu of 'Date' received, it has frozen. I can't even uninstall it !

I think I need to uninstall the program and start all over again, but when I try to ‘Run as Administrator’ (to uninstall), nothing happens…

Hi Terry, are you trying to remove the application using the control panel options in Windows? If the system is unable to remove the application from installed programs, I’m afraid this might be a system issue.

However are you still able to run the application or replicate the application’s behavior that you’ve described?

What mail service are you using to synchronize your items with eM client?

Thank you,

Thanks Paul, I have now successfully uninstalled eM Client. I am using Windows Live Mail.  I’d like to give eM a try again though, because I liked some of its features.  Is there a limit to the number of emails/folders which can be synced following installation?

No, the only limit in the application is for a number of accounts added to the application in case you’re using the free license of eM Client, or commercial use which is forbidden while using the free license.