Have "Inboxes" open as default when starting eM Client

I would like eM Client to open “Inboxes”, the combined inbox, whenever the program opens. I have tried all sorts of suggestions from the web but nothing seems to work.

Is there a solution or will I need to go back to Thunderbird?



jueves 23 febrero 2023 :: 1202hrs (UTC +0100)


The above image is in Spanish but do this:

Menu ->Settings ->General ->On right scroll down to ->Show Local folders and select
->immediately below ->Show on startup → select either "All Inboxes OR Global unread ->Save & Close
At the main window of eMC ->Right click in the LEFT pane ->Select Display - All Inboxes & Unread

I hope this is what you want


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That is not possible. You can select it from the options that @skybat mentioned above, but it will always open the first folder in Inboxes. Better is to use the All Inboxes option he mentioned.