Have developed 2 problems

Have developed 2 problems , Firstly clicking on em icon does not activate programme 90% of the time . on trouble shooting it says wrong programme installed

Download and (re-)install the latest version from the Release History

THAT DID NOT WORK i , keep getting the message incompatible installation, I ALSO GET XP VERSION MENTIONED . THAT WAS PREVIOUS COMPUTER i NOW HAVE WINDOWS 7 PRO 

Shouting will not get you anywhere on this community supported forum.

Please provide a screenshot of the error you are getting.

Not sure what “wrong programme installed”, or “incompatible installation” refers to otherwise.

Gary, DOES USING CAPITALS in your world constitute shouting , if it does sorry, i noticed it was mixed typeface but could nt be assed to change it. Now , have not a clue what screenshot is all about But when I left click on em mail icon then I GO INTO TROUBLE SHOOTING or re- programme it comes up as incompatible installation.     Windows 7 does not appear on change choice parameters  Nothing is ever easy, at least in my experiance

In any world, typing in all capitals is shouting, and it’s rude. Please don’t do that.

If you can’t be “assed”, neither can I.

I have apologized, you need to change your job.    i hope all messages are reviewed by a higher pay grade because its obvious that you are not there to help anyone

He is here to help as volunteer. We are not employed by the customer because this list is for us for commenting and helping other users. Give screenshots so we can see these errors. If you cant make screenshots, Google for how it is done.