Has the Holiday file for 'Australian Holidays' been implemented?

The ‘holiday’ feature in Calendar does not appear to be working for ‘Australian Holidays’. I see that an answer to a question relating to Canadian holidays implied that it had not at that time been implemented and the questioner was asked to get a file sent to him/her.

Is the Australian Hoiidays file working?


File is working but all holidays are outdated (year 2010 - 2011) I will look for updated and complete holiday lists in .ics and post it here.

of course we want to update this in eM Client too.


Thanks, Jan. I guess the holiday calendar ‘looked’ empty because there are no holiday dates ins 2013. :slight_smile:


can you try to import this file?

please tell me if all holidays are exact and none is missing (only official ones)

with best regards

Hello Jan,

Thanks for the file. I wasn’t absolutely sure what to do with the file at first but managed to import it to the Holidays calendar in Local Folders. I’m still finding my way around Calendars.

I can see that 7 October is not marked as a holiday but this shows that a public holiday in one State is not necessarily a holiday in other States. There are six States and two Territories. Each State and Territory set their own public holidays. The following link shows the holidays in each location. I’m in News SOuth Wales (NSW).


Perhaps there needs to be a holiday file for each State and Territory. For example, Australia-NSW.


I understand you, but to be hones I have simply wrote this .ics by reading from google calendar with holidays.

I hope you understand that our company located in central Europe can’t know holidays of every single nation on the world (I thought that Google calendar shows all for every country)

I can’t promise that future holiday calendar will show everything but I will try to look to more sources.

anyway thank you for your information back, at least I know that even Google doesn’t provide complete data -_-


Hi Jan,

Am I able to write my own holiday calendar? If I had the instructions I could create it myself and, if desired, share it with you and eMC users.


yes, you and everyone else are able to write own holiday calendar (when em client asks you if you want to import holidays it asks you to import .ics file full of events)

You can do this in this way:

  1. In left bar switch yourself to calendar
  2. right click on email address of your calendar and select “New Calendar”
  3. name it like you want or need and apply
  4. then make events named like your holidays in proper days
  5. when you will be done you will have calendar full of holidays in events exactly like are those you can import at first start.
  6. you can export this calendar and share it by File - Export… - export events to .ics files - select your created calendar - next - Export all events into a single file and rename (scheduleItems only) and click on finnish.

I hope this is clear enough for you :slight_smile: