Has issue with not seeing folders in Yahoo IMAP mail been resolved yet?

As other users noticed, folders created in Yahoo mail and accessed via IMAP do not appear within eM Client. They do work properly in Microsoft Outlook (all current versions, latest OS updates, etc.).

My company uses Yahoo’s small business web hosting, so we have email accounts at our own domain name, but hosted on Yahoo’s servers. Need to have this issue resolved before we can commit to purchasing licenses for eM Client. 

I really like this client and want to be able to use it, but not being able to see folders is a show stopper for us.

Any updates regarding resolving this issue? Thanks!

I don’t have a yahoo account so can’t check, but have you checked that they’re set to show under ‘show/hide folders’? (works the same way for gmail accounts)

yes. this is a known Yahoo-specific eM issue.