Has all Gmails Messages Synced with my PC ? How do I save gmail to external hard drive using eM client ?

I just installed eM client to my PC, and I am confused about whether or not my entire email has downloaded to my computer or not. 1) My gmail says that I have 33,997 messages overall. I found this number on the top right hand side of my gmail screen next to the "newer " and “older” arrows adjacent to the settings cog. After eM client finished syncing with my gmail, eM client says that I have 25942 messages in “All Inboxes”. I am confused as to whether or not all of my emails have been synced with eM client. 2) I would like to save my all of my gmail emails onto an external hard drive for storage using eM client. Is there a way for me to do that ? If so, please tell me how to do so. Thank you very much.

If you turn off conversations, you will see that you have the correct amount of mails.

There are two ways to save your emails. One is to use the backup feature, the other is export. You will find these in the menu.

Thank you very much. I have turn off conversations, now eM client says that I have 26041 in my inbox, while gmail says that I have 20,648 messages in my inbox, and 33,998 messages next to the settings cog. I don’ t know where this difference is coming from. Also, after exporting the emails, will I be able to view them again later in eM client ? If so, please tell me how. Thank you very much again for all of your help.

Sorry, don’t know about these differences with your GMail inbox, except that when using conversations in eM Client, each conversation is counted as just one item, though it may contain many emails. That is why there is a difference between the actual number of emails, and the inbox count.

Yes, when you export to eml format, there will be a directory with one file per email, and you can just double click on the file and it will open in eM Client or whatever your default email app is.

Thank you very much Gary. I really appreciate your help. Take care, and please enjoy the rest of your evening.