Hard to differentiate different accounts in the "Email" left pane window.

I find it hard to differentiate the different email accounts in the left pane window. Is there a way to change its text to differentiate from the others?

Right now they are too close and sometimes I lost myself searching for the right folder in the right email account.

Is there a way to change this? Or could you implement this in the next version?

Kind regards,


I agree Carlos. It would be nice to have some differentiation, whether it is a larger font, different colour for the account name, or maybe even a line divider between the accounts.

That would be a great solution. And also graying out the folders that are not active, it would immensely help in the navigation.

Not entirely sure if this is the same topic or not, but since your request is already more than a year old, I created a new ticket for my exact situation: