Hard drive went down and I haven't backed up

Hi, please help if possible.

I recently downloaded all my emails from Gmail to emclient. I did this to free up space. It was successful and so I deleted the emails from Gmail after downloading. This was all fine. Except my hard drive went down and although I can access it I have had to change it so it is a secondary drive and install a new primary C drive. It was the only way to make my computer work.

I redownloaded emclient and cannot understand how to get it to read where my downloaded emails are. I know they’re there. I just don’t know how to import them. I didn’t do a formal backup as I assumed what I did was enough.

Can anyone help. I just need to import my emails.

Thanks in advance

Have you had a look in Trash? (“Bin” in some countries), or “All Mail” in your Gmail account?

Use an updated browser on a pc/Mac at** https://mail.google.com/ **for this. 
Trash/Bin is a label on the left hand side of the page.  You may have to expand “More” to see this label.

**https://goo.gl/xnphPc **may also help?

If you, or a hacker, deleted the messages permanently, in which case they have bypassed Trash/Bin,


you have deleted them from Trash/Bin,


they have been in Trash/Bin >30 days, then they usually are gone forever. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/78353?hl=en covers this more fully. 

Google policy re deleted messages https://goo.gl/tkZzM5

However, you can try this (except for messages lost from Spam, which cannot be restored at all); some appear to have luck; YMMV!

  1. Use the Gmail security checklist to secure your account. (You will need to Change your Google Account password in this process.)

2. Fill out this form to find out whether your messages can be recovered
(Step 1. must be completed before Step 2.)  Google will return only what is available, which may be some, none, or all of the missing messages.

The first question  is how did you download the gmail emails ?.  Did you put them into a local folder of emclient  or did you export them from emclient to a folder on your drive? 
Generally emclient places all of the email accounts to the following folder on your c drive so take a look at this location on the old drive (what ever its letter is )   replace c with the new drive letter


if you cannot see the user or appdata  folder then
from Control folder find   File Explorer Options    select it  then select VIEW  and check   Show Hidden Folders and Drives
From Windows  10  open up an explorer window and select VIEW tab   then look at top right for item
Hidden Files    and click it
If the folder does not exist   then ignore all my comments.

If they are there Then you could try this  (WARNING  this could damage what you already have )

1   From emclient  run backup  and make sure you know where the backup file is.
2   shutdown emclient 
3   copy the entire folder from the old drive to the new drive to the same location
4   re start emclient  and hope for the best.

If this fails then at least you can restore from the backup and get back to square one.