Hanging on Thunderbird import

I am desperate to find a replacement for the hideously slow Thunderbird.  I can download and install em client, but it hangs when I try to import my Thunderbird files. I have left it for up to 24 hours to no effect.

No error message is displayed - any ideas how I can solve this?

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I think that points to there being something wrong with your Thunderbird as it is one of the faster email clients out there.

Instead of importing the whole of Thunderbird, maybe export what you need and then import that into eM Client. If you don’t already have it the ImportExportTools add-on is good for this. 

You don’t need to export/import anything that is synced with a server, so IMAP/Exchange folders and online contacts/calendars you can just ignore.

Thanks Gary, that solved the problem!   Both my accounts are Gmail so setup was easy.  I can’t account for the Thunderbird issues, both it and the Windows install are new, but even basic functions like scrolling take an age and anyhting more complicated sneds it off into “not responding”.

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The same problem but account have lots of emails (6 accounts, total 80GB) and pop3…
Solution is  ImportExportTools and exporting each folder to elm and inport it to em client.

I am having a similar issue. Does this mean I should set up an account in em client first and then import each individual Thunderbird elm export file?

That is an option. If you install the ImportExportTools NG add-on in Thunderbird  you can export all your emails to eml, keeping the folder structure. Then it is simple to just import that structure directly into eM Client.

Or using eM Client’s import function, just import selected folders from Thunderbird without doing an export. 

Either way, setting up the email accounts yourself in eM Client, rather than importing them, is a good idea.