Handling Pro License during Migration

I have been running eM Client v. 9.2 Pro for several years on my old Windows 7 PC. I just acquired a new Windows 11 PC and am slowly migrating all of my stuff to the new machine. I plan to keep the old machine running concurrently until I get the new one set up just the way I want it.

My eM Client setup is fairly complicated. Lots of local folders as well as server files from my three email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and iCloud. I have backed up the Client, downloaded and installed a new copy of eM Client on the new PC and restored the old setup to the new. It looks fine, but I would like the copy on the old PC remain usable until I’m certain both setups are identical.

My problem is dealing with my eM Client Pro license. When I installed the new copy it said I would have a 30-day trial before I would need a license for it. But today, only one day later, it stopped receiving new emails. How should I handle my license so that I can have both copies running for a few days? If I disable the license on the old will I still be able to look at all the different accounts and folders in it?

If you backed up on the old and restored that to the new, then they will be identical.


If your Pro license is only for one device, you can only use it on one device at a time. If you activate it on the new device, the old one will automatically deactivate, and only run in offline mode.

Offline Mode meaning it will not send or receive. Is that correct? Will I still be able to Look at all the folders in my old copy?

Also, to move the license do I first need to disable it on the old machine? Or can I simply enable it on the new and it will automatically disable on the old?

On the new machine’s eM Client I did Menu>Help>License and the Activation dialogue showed NO licenses available.




You need to activate the license by clicking on Activate, then paste in the license key.

Great! I think I’m all set. Sorry for all the extra questions. I guess I’m being a little more cautious than usual this morning because yesterday I messed up a different app BADLY while trying to migrate it.

Thanks for all of your help