Hallo gibt es beim eM Client die Einstellung des "Vertretungszugriffes"?

Wir möchten den Client bei uns in der Firma umsetzen. dadurch testen wir einige Sachen, dazu gehört der Vertretungszugriff. Also Zugreifen auf Postfächer eines Kollegen. Ist dies Möglich oder eher nicht?


I was able to read it but my German is still not good enough to answer properly.

  1. What do you/does mean “Vertretungszugriffes”?

  2. With proxy we can help you if you are using Windows credentials for authentication.


Hi Jan,

it means when somebody is on holiday and i want to read his mails without log on with his account. Can the mails be shown in my account?


I think automatically forwarding e-mails to another e-mail address, is something which might be supported by an e-mail *server*, not by an e-mail *client*.

Although maybe eM Client can automatically forward e-mails using rules, but I’m not sure of that…and of course the computer of your colleague who is on holiday, needs to stay switched on constantly…

Yes, this is server side feature. It is achievable by eM Client’s rules tool, but it will work only when eM Client is turned on.

You can set it in Tools - Rules - new rule… - apply custom rule on message I receive - from people - forward to people.