half emclient screen lost emclient 6.018749.0

half my emclient screen has gone up and i have no access to menus. this is the second time it happens, the first time, it reset after a few days, when i stopped using it. this is a major nuisance. How can i reset VIEW to normal???

I don’t know how that could happen, but you can use ordinary Windows shortcuts such as Win+Arrow up , Win+Arrow left

Well, thanks. The Win+ArrowUp worked in making the emclient full screen. So thats good, because I have access to the entire emclient; still in the minimised version half still cut off from the top. But at least i can work with that. Thank you.

Just to inform, this will work for almost every software on Windows :slight_smile:


Which is good, the actual question is why half the screen of emclient just disappeared in the upper stratosphere of my moneitor, still some bug there that needs to be resolved. Today it is still a problem for me and the only reason I can use emclient is due to this particular window key combination.

Could you tell me if this is happening all the time? Or is there any way how could I reproduce your issue?

Have you tried to update your IE to latest version and resetting it to default?


This sometimes happens on a multiple-screen configuration and usually Windows or another window manager program is to blame, but I cannot tell for sure that it is your case…
However if this happens, the best way is to maximize the app by Win+ArrowUp or move it on the left or right side of the screen by Win+ArrowLeft (Win+ArrowRight) - you can then simply drag the window on the caption bar and move it into the position you want and the position will be saved and used the next time you start emClient.

John. It is happenning continuously. At some point it got mysteriously fixed, after a few days it happened again. It happens only on the emClient home screen. I am using it only as full screen using the windows-Up arrow.

I have the latest IE 11+ version.

I tried tomban’s suggestion, as the screen was half way off i the top, I did a WIN+Arrow left (or right) and the entire emclient went to the left, from which i was able to resize it small, so that is one solution. Thanks tomban.

I will see if I can recreate it, and let you know.

thank you for your information, were you able to recreate it?