had to do a factory reset on my system-how do I get EMclient back?

after a factory reset, how do I get EMclient back? Do I just download the program again?

Hello, not completely sure what do you mean by factory reset, do you have a clean installation of your operating system now? You can download and install the application if it’s not installed on our website http://www.emclient.com/download 

And re-activate using your activation key…


yes a clean install…like having a new computer. Is there an activation key for the free version?

I did a clean install of my OS.
Trying to get my EMclient software reloaded
Downloaded EMclient
Went to help-license-put in activation key no response but if I repeat it asks if I want to deactivate…so maybe it took.
Do I need to rebuild my accounts?
Was hoping all would repopulate. ???
I do not have the passwords from my original accounts…will that be a problem?
Also under accounts it does not give option to reinput info for pop or smtp…it is already populated with m.hotmail.com which is a EAS account?
I’m trying to use EMclient for my Hotmail account which worked fine before the reset.

Hello, if you don’t have a backup of your database, you have to re-add your account, for that you’ll require your accounts login credentials including your password. Hotmail accounts are synchronised over the AirSync protocol as Outlook.com (Hotmail/Live) accounts do not include a CalDAV/CardDAV synchronisation service, and by setting up the account on IMAP it’s not possible to synchronise your contacts or calendars, however future releases of eM Client should allow you to synchronise your account over IMAP and SMTP rather than AirSync while using this mail service vendor.

Currently AirSync is required in order to sync your calendar and contacts items, but can be setup manually as IMAP and SMTP for mail services only, to do so, navigate to Tools > Accounts > New account > Mail > Other.

Hope this helps,

THANKS PAUL!!! That worked! Now…can I recover my folders from my EMclient account from before my computer was reset to factory settings? If I can get those I will be a happy camper! :slight_smile:
(folders were local in EMclient-not in web mail or Outlook)

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Yes Paul…see issue in my reply above…

Sorry, didn’t notice the question mark, unfortunately unless you have an existing backup of your data, I’m afraid there’s no option on restoring your old folders. If you have your data stored on the mail server (as by using IMAP all your items should be synchronised with the server), you should be able to fetch all your previous data by simply setting up the account in eM Client.


Would you mind explaining how to do that? I have my data stored on an external cloud data service (Carbonite) but I don’t think it stores email info. I have about 4 years of important data in EMclient local folders. I haven’t downloaded the data yet because have been busy getting everything tweaked to receive it.

You can navigate to the user/AppData/Roaming folder and move the eM Client database over your current database data (note this action would remove or rewrite your current database data unless you move it.

This should allow you to view your previous items on next eM Client startup, unfortunately please note this is not a supported way of restoring data and it may cause database corruption - without a valid backup file and by using the restore feature, you may not be able to restore your data to original.


Looked all over…couldn’t find above folder :frowning: