Hackers Redirecting/Intercepting log on Credentials

I can log on to my email very easily from the company who provided my email through their website server.

However, when I use em client There is a very long delay. And then I get the red triangle button. If I go through the diagnostic, sometimes that will fix things, at which point I then I save the changes. The next time I go to use the program this can repeat.

Everything was fine up until about a week ago, and then I started getting these problems every single time I tried to log in. As a safety precaution I changed the password on the account.

This morning it told me my credentials were rejected, then said fixed, but requested me to re-enter my password. (Which I did not do). There should be no reason the program should be asking me for a password that’s already entered.

It seems to me that somebody was hacking into the account, but I have no idea for certain. This only occurs through em client, and wondering how susceptible the program is to hackers? I do have the latest version.

jueves 15 junio 2023 :: 0907hrs (UTC -0500)

The first thing to do is to speak with your Company IT Dept concerning the delay you are experiencing.
Presumably you will have together with your Company Firewall/Antivirus so unless something has bypassed this or you have opened a questionable email/attachment it is unlikely you will have been hacked.
Hopefully you will have been making regular Backups and will have one dating prior to this issue. If so do this:
Make a manual Backup TODAY Menu ->Backup and keep this somewhere safe.
Now restore A Backup prior to the issue Menu ->File ->Restore choosing an appropriate Backup.
Run eMC after this to check for a change in performance.
Post the result here for further assistance.



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I have no company IT Department, I am just an individual. I removed EM Client from my computer yesterday, and reinstalled, but same exact problems occurred. Right now I can easily log on to the main providers website and log into my email. It’s only through em client I’m having issues. And yesterday it refused to send any emails, but I could receive.

I just don’t understand why all of a sudden it started acting up. And another suspicious part of this is I got an email from PayPal asking me to change my password as they had noted suspicious activity, although there was no link or anything, so the email did appear genuine. The email actually suggested I log in through their website, and not any particular link, so again it appeared genuine. It does appear hackers are attempting to gain information.

I just don’t know to what extent data can be intercepted during login. That would be the time to gain access, and a long delay would suggest a redirect to me.

At this point I’m choosing to discontinue use of email client.

The problem you have is with credentials with eM Client.
If you have the Pro version.
Make a backup in Menu - Backup… and make sure where you save it.
Now go to Menu- Accounts- click on Add Acount.
In the window that opens, click on Mail and choose the email account that appears in the red triangle, Gmail, Outlook, etc. then click Next and write your email.
Next, the default browser will open and it will tell you to enter your email and password, on the same website you will get a message that if you want to give access to eM Client in your email account, click yes, in the same web above will tell you that if you want to open the application (eM Client) click yes.
Now the eM Client will begin to synchronize with your mail, after a few minutes the synchronization will be finished.
Now you just have to delete the email account where the red triangle appears, which is the same account that you just installed.
You will no longer get the red triangle, or the credentials error, or enter the password.
If you have the Free version.
If you have two different email accounts installed.
Delete the account that tells you rejected credentials and follow the steps above indicated in the Pro version.
That eM Client tells you that the credentials have been rejected and that you enter your password, it is not that your account is being hacked.
If you follow the steps indicated it will work perfectly.

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