Habitually won't sync gmail account anymore after running for a while.

When eM Client starts, it syncs properly.  After running for a while (15 minutes or more) the program goes into an eternal syncing loop (a small rotating circle by the side of gmail is never ending) and no new emails ever show up.  The only solution that works is to close eMC and restart it again.  Is there some thing that can be done to resolve this?  I have been putting up with this ever since installing and using the program 2 weeks ago.  It has this problem every single day without fail.  Every person I know (over 12), that accesses Google’s gmail with eMC has the same problem.  we always have to close the program and rerun it again every quarter hour or so.  this is really annoying and unacceptable.

I use Gmail  for years with EMC  and never had that problem with EMC

Try repair 
Start Button
Control panel
Program and Features
Find EmCient
Right click and select   repair  

Maybe your install was not clean
Using 7.1.30794

Check Sync settings also
General       I sync every 15 minutes

i am using the latest version of eMclient, it is a clean install, it works in all respects, except for the fact that it consistently bogs down after a while, and doesn’t sync any more.   it just “hangs” in the middle of a sync, every single time, after it has been left running for a “while” upwards of 15 to 20 minutes.  it ALWAYS works if i close the program and rerun it, but again, after running for a while, it will then hang in the middle of some random sync attempt.

It time to open up a ticket for support
1  Run it until the error occurs  or hangs   then 
      Menu/ Tools/ Operation     select LOGS   and using mouse copy ever thing in screen to a file   some where.
2   Then Menu/ Tools/ Support     will send you to official support site (hope you have an id setup)
3    Open up ticket  and attach the log to it and explain the issue.
I have a prof license so I had this setup

thanks.  i am currently evaluating eMclient against MailBird.   Pros & Cons to both programs; i have a slight preference for eMclient, but MailBird NEVER hangs on me, and eMclient consistently hangs every single time i run it.  ALWAYS without fail.   it is 100% reliable to eventually hang inside a sync loop, and whenever it does, i can’t read ANY email that hasn’t been fully downloaded previously.
i do NOT have a Menu/Tools/Support menu option in my version of the program.  i am looking at purchasing 30 licenses for my company, and really do want to go with eMclient, but this bug is a catastrophic deal breaker if it can’t be resolved.  there are over 12 people in my company running the same program, all with gmail accounts, and they are ALL facing the exact same issue!  as i said, this bug is consistent and repeatable.  it effects ALL users of gmail, both at our company, and at our individual homes, so no, this is not some “proxy” issue.

Made a mistake  Support
Menu/ Help /Support 

To get logs
Menu/ Tools/ Operation

Hello Mark,

I will help you with this issue.
Could you please send me the logs just as Richards said to markosky@emclient.com You will find the logs in Menu > Tools > Operations. Mark all rows with CtrlA and copy-paste them into a .txt file and send it to me together with a link to this thread.

Thank you.

I have the same  issue

Hi there, I have exactly the same issue, but with an Outlook account. My GMail account syncs correctly all the time, but my Outlook stops syncing after a couple of hours.
The logs don’t show anything particular, and the errors window doesn’t show any.

I;m still having the same issue with gmail daily.

Try repair 
select the account from mail window  and screen will pop up.  select properties    then repair .

also one can try running emclient’s check and repair program at

“C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe”

2 years later, I wanted to say “thank you”.  I thought it was just me all this time.  Tried deleting years of BS in Gmail (which, in their defense, the “Select all 1895 emailes” was helpful), I still have problems retrieving recent emails due to excessive syncing.  Have set my sync interval to 30 minutes, still it’s awful. 

@Steve Owens,

Please start a new Topic under a similar Subject - not the same wording.
It may seem like a good idea to you, but posting in old threads is seldom useful.

eM Client Versions have changed. Other circumstances have changed and have no bearing on what happened 2 years ago . - and vice versa

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