Grouping is misbehaving

I’ve just downloaded eM client because I heard it was more customisable than the others (I’ve tried Outlook and Thunderbird and neither do exactly what I want them to do which is quite a simple request but it seems at present there is no e-mail client actually capable of such a simple request!!)

My problem is I have a mail box with about 18,000 unread e-mails in it that I’m trying to clean up (ok it was 68,000 but so far I’ve managed to sort through at least 50,000 e-mails and ended up with another folder with only 500 important emails in it and the rest were junk!

Now what I’d like to do is the following…

Group e-mails by sender
Sort by number of e-mails in that group

So I can start by dealing with the people who have sent the most first (and decide whether I want to keep them or not) and work my way down to the people who maybe have only sent one or two e-mails.

Now I saw there is a message count column and I thought great FINALLY!! An e-mail system that will actually allow me to sort by the message count option in the thread…

Wrong!! Ok turning on the message count column seems to do something really strange - it groups my e-mails first by subject and then attempts to group them by sender (grouping multiple senders together if they have an e-mail with the same subject) too even though the sort order is set to sort first by sender and then by message count.

I don’t want it to group by subject and yet I’m really struggling to see where it gets this “group by” setting from.

When I removed the message count it then started grouping by sender but it was still grouping the subjects together. I then turned off grouping and ok it now stopped grouping by sender BUT it was STILL grouping by subject - I don’t want it to group by subject!!!

I just want it to simply group by sender and then sort by the number of items in the sender group - is this really too complicated for any program to figure out??? It knows how many are in a sender group so surely it can sort by that number!! I found Outlook can’t do it, Thunderbird can’t either and it seems that eM client is also incapable of this too! Or am I missing an option somewhere??