Group Email Address not appearing in address bar

When I wanted to send a group email yesterday, the group email name would not appear in the address bar, as I went to type it in. The group still exists in contacts. Not sure what is happening? Would appreciate any help. Thank you

eM Client does not use groups. Are you asking about eM Client’s Distribution List, or a Category (now called tags in version 8)?

I should have put distribution list. Thank you.

If you go to the Contact section, can you see the distribution list?

If you open the distribution list, can you see the contacts?

Thank you Gary. It has disappeared from the custom view and business card lists. Have no idea why though. Each person is listed individually with a pink marker beside them to show that they are part of a distribution list. 

Gary, when you create a Distribution List you will find it in Contacts with a ‘description’ of “Group”. This is in v8, but I believe it was the same in v7. Perhaps the reason for the use f the “Group” terminology rather than the “distribution list” terminology?